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Our Story


Thank you so much for dropping by. We know how busy you are and we really appreciate your time.

Put simply, we don’t believe ‘crazy cat ladies’ - or guys for that matter - are crazy at all. Cats are some of the most fascinating creatures on earth and we think it would be pretty crazy not to love them :-)

We also believe that just like their cats, today's cat lovers are fun, kind, independent and sassy - in other words, pretty darn cool.

And we're committed to help you show off your cat-love with style : Cat chic beats cat kitsch! 

Now don’t get us wrong. We’re totally up for cute gift ideas (kitty cookie-cutters anyone?) bad cat puns and droll designs, and you'll find plenty of those here. But we think you deserve more.

So we set out to create a fresh and original range of cat themed gifts, apparel, accessories, soft furnishings and more. 

Our long term goal is to be the largest dedicated marketplace in the world, where cat-lovers can find affordable, quality items that are as stylish and original as they are themselves.

And of course, one of our great motivations is the impact we can have on the real lives of cats. We donate a percentage of our profits to reputable non-profits who care about cats - young, old, disabled and neglected - and the organizations that advocate for them.

So welcome to Casa Catnip where we celebrate cat characters, feline and human. We're thrilled you're here!