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Cat Characters: Meet Catitude Cat - a cat that loves it's attitude!

Cat Characters: Meet Catitude Cat - a cat that loves it's attitude! 0

Cats have many wonderful personality traits that endear them to us. The non-cat lover simply doesn’t understand how different and unique each feline can be. But the cat lover truly understands the personality nuances of each and every kitty.

At Casa Catnip, we love to celebrate cat characters like ‘Catitude Cat.’ Catitude Cat is a proud and confident cat, and is not afraid to show it to the world.

There are many different types of 'Catitude.' Some cats display a smugness on their face as they watch you. They know that they own you, and aren’t afraid to show it to the world. But they’re also proud that they chose you, as you are a pretty cool human!

There is also the Entitled Kitty. She wants food, toys, and treats on her time. It's her right. If she doesn’t get it, she turns into a sound machine.

The cat who is Bossy isn’t afraid to walk right up to you and bat your hand. They want your attention NOW. They'll tell you that it’s time to scoop the litter box, or to straighten their messy blankets. Perhaps their mousie is in the wrong spot, or they want some petting—you’ll know it when they tell you!

The Presumptive Cat knows she’s entitled to the 3 laws of cat life: food, shelter, and attention. She won’t hesitate to make sure you know it too:)

The Combative Cat may not be a team player in the home. She may have issues with you, your family, dogs, or other cats. Things must be done her way, and they must be done right – but she will be fiercely loyal and defend her home against all comers!

Just what types of cats are prone to Catitude? You’ll find that cats are fairly accommodating when they’re homeless. Almost all cats however, once they’ve chosen you at the animal shelter or cat breeder, will soon adopt an air of Catitude once they’ve settled into your home.

But there are a few breeds that demonstrate Catitude more than other types. The Abby Tabby and the Persian seem to love displaying their confidence. They know they look fabulous and aren’t afraid of showing the world just how special they are. As for Siamese cats, well what can we say? These sleek beauties know they are gorgeous and expect us to pay homage accordingly! 

Humans can learn a lot from a cat that has Catitude. If you follow their example, you’ll never lack confidence or a sense of self-worth and you’ll always command attention, because you know you are purrfect just the way you are.

Does your cat have Catitude? Post your stories and images on our Facebook page ( for a chance to with a gorgeous Catitude Cat Pillow.

Celebrating cat characters and the inexplicable joy they bring.

Celebrating cat characters and the inexplicable joy they bring. 0

We love cats. We simply can’t get enough of their quirky personalities. There’s something incredibly endearing about a cat’s crazy logic, their ‘take no prisoners’ catitude and the unapologetic way they carve out their very own place in the world.

Our cats’ naughtiness and their ability to get into all kinds of scrapes just melts us, from the inside out.

Isn’t it odd that these elegant, entitled creatures can get away with all kinds of shenanigans we wouldn’t put up with from other family members but when it comes to our feline friends we are guiltily indulgent.

And we know that when a cat chooses us, if we're lucky enough to be chosen, then it's game over.

Of course we each love our own cats most of all. Just like babies – you simply know that your baby is the most beautiful, smartest, most special child in the world – and so it is with our kitties. We understand every cat-twitch, flick, mannerism and meow as though it’s a second language we’ve been fluent in our whole lives.

So Casa Catnip was created to celebrate cat characters everywhere: the cute ones and the rascals; the simple and the fussy ones; gentle cats and jerk cats; the adventurous and the scaredy-cats ;) We love them all – big, small, old, young; the moggies and the exotics, the sleek ones and the fluffballs, the three-legged or the one-eyed, the pampered and the lost.

Black, brown, white, tabby, calico, orange or nondescript – cats the world over add inexplicable joy to our lives.

We hope you’ll join us on this journey of cat-celebration. We’ll be returning a percentage of our profits to great cat causes and look forward to pawsitively impacting the lives of many cats as we move forward. We’ll be updating you on our cat initiatives as we progress and grow and are able to do more. In fact we'd love you to help us choose how we contribute.

So welcome aboard as we return a little of the love and joy that the cats of the world give us all!