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What is your cat trying to say to you? How to interpret 'inscrutable cat' logic.

What is your cat trying to say to you? How to interpret 'inscrutable cat' logic. 0

Cats can be difficult to read at times. Often their owners think they’ve just reached a point of understanding them, only to have their efforts batted away. One moment they’re loving and playful, the next they’re aloof and temperamental.

Yet we love our cats because they’re mysterious and incomprehensible. What will they do next? Their unpredictability and un-readability is all part of their charm.

Many cats are quiet and want you to read their minds. They look at you with their jewel-like eyes and expect you to interpret their desires.

Perhaps it’s sometimes best not to know what are their thoughts as they look at us enigmatically.

We may think they are expressing love; they’re thinking only of dinner.

We think they are struck dumb with adoration. They think we look like prey and they aren’t taking their eyes off us in case we get away J

We think they’re deeply appreciative as we prepare their meals from a can or bag. They think we’re really slow. And If only we would just let them outside so they could prove that they can hunt their own dinner down! Plus, maybe we could serve up some more of the gourmet goodies they like so much instead of the other stuff, which they don’t.

The chatty cat tries to tell us what she wants, when she wants it. She’s super-expressive and vocal. But why oh why do we not understand?

We think she’s happy to see us. She’s just mad because we were gone all day.

We think she’s complaining whereas she’s actually serenading.

She chatters some more, and down goes the plate of food - but that’s not what she wants! How could we not know she is simply telling us that she doesn’t like Mondays?

Our inscrutable cats can be friendly and affectionate one minute, then hissing, and swatting at your hand the next. Whatever did you do wrong?

More than likely you simply misinterpreted her intent.

You fussed her when she wanted to be left alone. You didn’t fuss her when she wanted a cuddle.

You moved too fast or moved too slow. Spoke too loudly. Smelt too flowery. Had cold hands. Was too nice to the dog.

But most of all you simply aren’t a cat - and for that we will always fall short.

And perhaps it’s important to note too, that cats spent most of history being wild and instinctive. They can tame it down a notch, but like to remind us to respect their roots and to take nothing for granted.

Even the most sophisticated cat lover may simply not understand all the nuances of the inscrutable cat. It can take a lifetime to gain an understanding that there’s more to a feline than fluffy fur and those brilliantly unfathomable yellow, green, blue, or amber eyes.

What is your cat saying to you? Send us stories about your cats logic and we'll send a sweet catty prize to the best ones!

Cat Characters: Meet Catitude Cat - a cat that loves it's attitude!

Cat Characters: Meet Catitude Cat - a cat that loves it's attitude! 0

Cats have many wonderful personality traits that endear them to us. The non-cat lover simply doesn’t understand how different and unique each feline can be. But the cat lover truly understands the personality nuances of each and every kitty.

At Casa Catnip, we love to celebrate cat characters like ‘Catitude Cat.’ Catitude Cat is a proud and confident cat, and is not afraid to show it to the world.

There are many different types of 'Catitude.' Some cats display a smugness on their face as they watch you. They know that they own you, and aren’t afraid to show it to the world. But they’re also proud that they chose you, as you are a pretty cool human!

There is also the Entitled Kitty. She wants food, toys, and treats on her time. It's her right. If she doesn’t get it, she turns into a sound machine.

The cat who is Bossy isn’t afraid to walk right up to you and bat your hand. They want your attention NOW. They'll tell you that it’s time to scoop the litter box, or to straighten their messy blankets. Perhaps their mousie is in the wrong spot, or they want some petting—you’ll know it when they tell you!

The Presumptive Cat knows she’s entitled to the 3 laws of cat life: food, shelter, and attention. She won’t hesitate to make sure you know it too:)

The Combative Cat may not be a team player in the home. She may have issues with you, your family, dogs, or other cats. Things must be done her way, and they must be done right – but she will be fiercely loyal and defend her home against all comers!

Just what types of cats are prone to Catitude? You’ll find that cats are fairly accommodating when they’re homeless. Almost all cats however, once they’ve chosen you at the animal shelter or cat breeder, will soon adopt an air of Catitude once they’ve settled into your home.

But there are a few breeds that demonstrate Catitude more than other types. The Abby Tabby and the Persian seem to love displaying their confidence. They know they look fabulous and aren’t afraid of showing the world just how special they are. As for Siamese cats, well what can we say? These sleek beauties know they are gorgeous and expect us to pay homage accordingly! 

Humans can learn a lot from a cat that has Catitude. If you follow their example, you’ll never lack confidence or a sense of self-worth and you’ll always command attention, because you know you are purrfect just the way you are.

Does your cat have Catitude? Post your stories and images on our Facebook page ( for a chance to with a gorgeous Catitude Cat Pillow.