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What do you look for when buying gifts for cat lovers?

What do you look for when buying gifts for cat lovers?

When I shop around for the kinds of things that make cat lovers happy I come across many cute and quirky items. From cat engraved wine glasses, to cat theme socks to sculpted candles that melt and leave a cat skeleton behind :-) There are tons of sparkling cat rings and catty trinkets, hats and scarves, sexy stockings and clip on cat ears; items for the kitchen and decorations for the home.

In fact there’s so much creativity in the cat world – it can make your head spin! But what kind of gifts are cat lovers really looking for?

We did a quick online survey before we opened our store. After hearing from 100+ cat lovers, we discovered the following:

70% have bought a cat-themed gift for a fellow cat lover at some point.

80% of the people who did buy said they found it tricky to find the right gift

60% ended up buying the gift online because it was so convenient and allowed them to 'shop around.'

The things that people rated most highly in terms of importance were:

  • Relevance: What kind of cats do your friends' like best? It's nice when you can find a gift that reminds them of their own cat's personality in a style they love.
  • Appealing: Usually people buy things they like themselves - and confess to sometimes keeping them too :) If it's hard to give away, you know it's a hit :)
  • Fun: Knowing that it will make the person receiving it smile is very important, We all like to make other people happy!
  • Original: People are always looking for something that's a little different, and original.
  • Useful: We prefer to think our gift will be used, and won’t just get put in a drawer and forgotten.
  • Affordable – naturally!

Do  you agree?

Our goal at Casa Catnip is to make it easy-peasy to find things that you, and your cat loving friends, will absolutely love, all in a one-stop shop.

    We’ll continue to expand our product range, so keep your eyes open as we bring you cat printed sneakers (woohoo!) and canvas slip-ons, glossy cat (human) skincare and bath products - and many more catty surprises in the coming months.

    And we'd like to hear suggestions from you too, so drop us a line, or add a comment to our social pages, and tell us what you'd like to see.



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